Patsy Cline
September 8, 1932 -
March 5, 1963

~ Gone too soon ... but
what a legacy she left ~

WELCOME !  As Patsy would say: Hoss, Come on in, sit right down and make yourself to home!

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Honky Tonk Angel

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                           Tuesday, September 21, 1999

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Sun (Success) in Virgo
Virgo is the "craft worker" and is ruled by the planet Mercury. The source of your energy is your desire to make things that are of practical use to others. To this end you are capable of extremely hard work and thoroughness that is necessary to get all the details correct and everything functioning systematically. You are motivated to serve others with efficiency, artistry and precision. You are analytical and need to know how things work, mentally collecting a remarkable amount of data about different things. However, sometimes you can get so involved in details that you lose sight of the main objective. At times you can be perfectionist, petty, and fastidious. Guard against extremes of fault-finding and criticism, either of self or of others. Worry and overwork can affect your health. You like to have the correct tool for the task at hand. Your gift is to assess and analyze, and to make precision systems and methods.

Sun in 4th House
You want recognition within the community, and you are known for your sense of hospitality.

Gemini Rising
Others expect you to be the smart-talking jokester of your bunch, the one to come up with all the bright, slightly mischievous ideas. Even if you feel perfectly patient waiting in that long line, you seem restless to those around you. Watch what you say ~ there could be rumors of you being a gossip hound ~ even if your comments are uttered with only the best intentions. More than anything, you come across as witty, and people are prepared to be impressed by almost anything you say!

Mercury (Intelligence) in Leo
Your thinking is articulate, and you speak with drama and warmth. You are a person of strong opinions and you express your views energetically and often dramatically. You are usually quite convinced that your own ideas are correct and you enjoy persuading others that they are. At times, you are very stubborn and proud of your beliefs and principles, and you get very defensive when they are challenged. You appreciate truth and honesty -- you practice it yourself and expect it in others. You are an entertaining speaker and will embellish or exaggerate in order to get your point across. You have an aptitude for story-telling and performing. Even if your arena is only the classroom or dining room table, you put on a good show. You have an abundance of creative ideas and do not enjoy a job in which you have no creative input or voice in decision-making. You could be a good politician, spokesperson, group leader, director, or coach.

Mercury in 4th House
You tend to explain things in terms of family and home. You tend to be nomadic, changing residences.

Venus (Love) in Leo
Generous, playful, and dramatic in close relationships. Loyal but choosy. Can be a prima donna at parties. Loves children.

Venus in 2nd House
Love of beautiful material objects. Can generally attract money when needed. Sometimes can be extravagant.

Mars (Winning) in Cancer
Often moodiness, restlessness, and frustration which leads to family quarrels. Home improvement activities or cooking provide an outlet.

Mars in 2nd House
Great drive for financial gain and security. You prefer to be financially independent and avoid credit. You often buy on impulse.

Jupiter (Prosperity) in Virgo
Practical, resourceful, exacting worker. Life can revolve around work. You tend to overwork and burnout. Apt to be critical or cynical. Success at any price seems to be your motto. The price you usually pay is never being able to relax and enjoy life. Your nose is always to the grindstone ~ and amazingly, it seems that you do it all to benefit others. Because you are so persistent you usually achieve your goals and find yourself in positions of authority. But shouldn't you examine the cost?

Jupiter in 4th House
Hospitable, good family background. You prefer a spacious, luxurious home.

Saturn (Status) in Capricorn
Ambitious, self-controlled, capable of discipline. You have the drive to overcome just about any adversity and succeed.

Saturn in 8th House
Thrifty, self-reliant, but can be insecure. Often you deny yourself a social life in your striving for financial security.

Uranus (Freedom) in Aries
You would like to see more freedom for minorities and women. Great sense of equality and appreciation of individuality.

Uranus in 11th House
Truth seeker with humanitarian views. You make unusual friendships and enjoy social activities which promote progressive ideals.

Neptune (Inspiration) in Virgo
Intellectual, poetic, handy at crafting things. Inspired by simplicity, order and efficiency.

Neptune in 4th House
Emotional or spiritual ties to home or parent. You tend to idealize home life.

Pluto (Power) in Cancer
Patriotic, home-loving. Interest in land, genetics, architecture, and defending family values and heritage.

Pluto in 2nd House
Resourceful in acquiring wealth. You may need to share your money and possessions with others.

Moon (Happiness) in Capricorn
You are instinctively cautious, serious, self-controlled and reliable in any given situation. Often you will set aside your personal concerns to fulfill your duties. For you, practical needs always win out over emotional considerations. You have a great ambition to win status, rank and financial security and will work hard to achieve your goals. Your outward airs of superiority and your habitual desire to be on top or in command may mask inner fears and inadequacies and limit your capacity for intimacy and emotional nurturing. Serious and responsible, you try to carry the world on your shoulders and rarely let others know that you need help and support. You deny or ignore your own emotional needs and feel that others will not accept you if you appear "weak." You are especially uncomfortable with emotional dependency, and will tell yourself and others (even children) not to be a "baby." To others, you may appear to be rather hard-nosed and tough, with a businesslike attitude toward their personal concerns and feelings. Actually, no one is a truer friend. Your feelings and loyalties run deep, but you often do not let people know how much you care.

Moon in 7th House
You have a great need for close personal relationships and companionship to be happy, which causes you to marry. You may change partners several times. You desire to be popular with others. You usually have the ability to fit into all situations, and you have a good instinct for teamwork.

 ag00011_.gif (7216 bytes)What Patsy's Colors Reveal . . . wpe16.jpg (3530 bytes)

         An exploration of Patsy Cline by Dewey Sadka, author of The Dewey Color System :
         Embrace Hue You Are
, a fun and exciting evaluation  of how to delve deeper into
         yourself through your favorite colors.  An avid reader, one of his favorite books is
     Honky Tonk Angel : The Intimate Story of Patsy Cline
about one of
        his absolute favorite singers.  As a tribute to Patsy, he has carefully researched her life
        through the book and what her favorite colors have to say about this extraordinary
        entertainer and unique human being. 

      Patsy’s favorite colors were : Red, Purple and Black.

                         HUE WAS PASTY?
     Pasty had an inexhaustible energy supply.  She made life an adventure for everyone. Nobody
     fooled Pasty.  Considering her limited education, she had amazing innate abilities, such as her
     marvelous intuition and her ability to know when things were going badly; and, when they were,
     how to cut out the nonsense.  And a lot of nonsense surrounded her early life.  Patsy could also
     pull people together to make things work better even when things were truly bad.  Best of all,
     Pasty was able to constantly regenerate herself and spice things up.  After producer Owen
     Bradley convinced her of her multiple talents in the stuido, Patsy loved to teach others not to be
     afraid to start something new or reinvent themselves, as she often reinvented herself.  To just
     about everyone she met, Pasty was a true inspiration. 

    She knew exactly who she was and what she wanted.  From a very early age, Pasty believed that
     you do not exist until you state your opinions boldly.  She was always clear about where she stood
     and what goals she wanted to achieve.  When situations became uncomfortable or obstacles were
     thrown in her way,  Pasty became stronger, more outgoing and confident. As a woman in the era of
     the 40s, 50s and into the early ‘60s, she was often seen as too direct. Make no mistake, when riled,
     Pasty could really wound a man’s ego; but, amazingly, Patsy was usually (but not always) right. 

       One of the most interesting things about Patsy was her body language. With it, she not only attracted
     what she wanted, but also got it.  Sometimes, it may not have been that good for Patsy, but it served
     her purposes at the time.  Yes, Patsy could me cool and manipulative. Pasty’s curiosity about every-
     thing in life generated action.  It made her sexy and seductive.  Taking Pasty for granted was a big
     mistake, as first husband Gerald Cline learned and as second husband Charlie Dick often regretted.  
     She could hold a grudge and there would be hell to pay.  True love for Patsy had to be intense
     and, in her relationship with Charlie, it was red hot!   But when love affairs came to an end, she knew
     to move on and never look back.  When that special guy did come along, Patsy became determined
     to make their marriage work in spite of her mounting fame. Through good times and bad, the flame
     of love burned like an inferno.  

      Pasty, a Red/Purple/Black, always had to have total control of all her resources. She had the power
     to calm those around her with quick solutions, not issuing blame.  Pasty knew how to get things done
     behind the scenes.   Outside interference made it difficult for Pasty, at times, to prioritize real value. 
     Her clashes with TV personality Arthur Godfrey and his staff in New York and Decca Records pro-
     ducer extraordinaire Owen Bradley were examples of Patsy not always knowing what was best for
     her.  When she realized she was mistaken, she could make such a quick turnaround you would never
     think that she ever thought she was wrong!   She could bend with the wind, or make the wind bend
     to her will.  She did whatever it took to succeed.

      Ironically, when things were going badly in her second marriage, Patsy would pour her heart out
     to just about anyone who would listen.  Her favorite colors show an amazing wild spirit coupled
     with a calming gentleness, great kindness to other and a blazing desire for love.   

                         THE ULTIMATE ENTERTAINER
      In spite of her ambitions, Patsy was never jealous of other women trying to make it in that
    difficult era.  She knew what she was capable of and she showed a generous spirit to other
    coming-up-the-ranks artists, such as George Hamilton IV, Roy Clark, Roger Miller, Bar-
    bara Mandrell, Dottie, Brenda and Loretta.   Her praise and loyalty was touching and it
    certainly made the beneficiaries feel better about themselves and gave them a trust and
    belief in their goals.   Patsy, often in the depths herself, incredibly could help pull other
    lives out of the abyss.

    Patsy captivated everyone by giving them her attention.  In the annals
    of country and pop music, she was the ultimate human being and the
    ultimate entertainer.

For more information on The Dewey Color System: go to

For more fun, go to

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